About Us

The Velvet Cake Co.

The Velvet Cake Co creates a large variety of innovative cakes for trendy South Africans, who are looking for a novel food experience. We create special occasion and celebration cakes that transform any ordinary event into something WOW.

We promise that all creations will have the “WOW” factor, be on trend, and take you on a magical cake experience.


About The Shop


The Cake Shop

What do you do when you need a slice of heavenly decadence and you need it now? You head on over to The Velvet Cake Co. Cake Shop in High Street, Rosenpark and immerse yourself into the most gorgeous baked delights imaginable.

Other than stocking cakes and cupcakes made in The Velvet Cake Co.’s Bakery, quiches and muffins are also on offer and these follow in the same innovative flavour footsteps as the sweets.