Cream Cheese Chocolate


Cake is our happy place, especially if it’s Chocolate Cake that’s covered in decadent icing. Our secret ingredient is always more chocolate, and this cake comes in three layers of chocolate buttermilk cake with chocolate cream cheese icing and caramel, completely coated in chocolate cream cheese icing.



* The design of this cake has been limited to the available options and no other alterations can be made.
For any add-ons, please see the cake accessory options below.

Approximate dimensions:

Standard: 17cm x 17cm (diameter) x 16cm (height)
Serves: 10 Slices

Baby: 14cm x 14cm (diameter) x 10cm (height)
Serves: 8 Slices

Final product may vary from example in photo.

Lose the icing coat and go for a naked look, see our Chocolate cake.
This cake is also available with white swiss buttercream, see our Swiss Buttercream Chocolate cake.




I ordered a cake for my dads birthday last year december, at first looking at the picture i thought the cake was so small but when we received the cake it was so huge, we are a family of 10 and each of us had a slice of cake and there was still cake left the next day. The cake sponge was so soft and moist and the cream cheese filling was so delicious. I never had such an amazing tasting cake ever. We opted for delivery, the cake was delivered on time , and the cake was still in perfect condition when we received it . I would buy cake here anytime .

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