Cream Cheese Pastel Rainbow


Our Pastel Rainbow cake fully enrobed in our decadent cream cheese icing.

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* The design of this cake has been limited to the available options and no other alterations can be made.
For any add-ons, please see the cake accessory options below.

Approximate dimensions: 17cm x 17cm (diameter) x 16cm (height)
Serves: 10 Slices

Final product may vary from example in photo.



Happiness at the end of the rainbow

A slice of the rainbow cake is enough to brighten up any gloomy day! Soft, sweet and delectable at every bite. Wish it could last forever!

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All things sweet

Our company love ordering from you! People always seem to want more every time! You can always expect high quality and beautifully decorated cakes! Thank you for keep creating a product that we can always trust

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