Cream Cheese Red Velvet


This classic American beauty is made up of four layers red buttermilk cake flavoured with a hint of cocoa, and cream cheese icing in between each layer. The cake is completely enrobed in our cream cheese icing.

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* The design of this cake has been limited to the available options and no other alterations can be made.
For any add-ons, please see the cake accessory options below.

Approximate dimensions:

Standard: 17cm x 17cm (diameter) x 16cm (height)
Serves: 10 Slices

Baby: 14cm x 14cm (diameter) x 10cm (height)
Serves: 8 Slices

Final product may vary from example in photo.

Lose the icing coat and go for a naked look, see our Red Velvet cake.
To order this cake covered in fluffy meringue, please see our Meringue Red Velvet cake.




on Mothers Day, my kids who lives in France suprised me with a Cream Cheese Red Velvet cake, DELIVERED to my door, when i opened the box i could not believe how BIG this cake was, the heart decorations on top made it so special,but the real surprise came when i cut the cake and took the first bite, well, it is the BEST i have ever tastes and i have tastes a few cakes in my life! thank you for such an not just amazing beautiful but beyond delicious cake, i really felt so special that day!!

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