Father’s Day Cake


It’s full on decadence that your dad, and the whole family, will love! Perfect for a family cake feast celebrating all the “dads” in your life – from grandpas and uncles, to dads, bonus dads, husbands, and special guy friends.

Four layers of chocolate cake are filled with salted caramel and chocolate cream cheese icing. Two-tone Swiss buttercream on the outside create a striped finish, with chocolate ganache and more salted caramel dripping down this delicious cake.

Available only for 15 -17 June 2018.

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* The design of this cake has been limited to the available options and no other alterations can be made.
For any add-ons, please see the cake accessory options below.

Approximate dimensions: 17cm x 17cm (diameter) x 16cm (height)
Serves: 10 Slices

Final product may vary from example in photo.