There’s always time for tea and a slice of Hummingbird Cake. The cake has a subtle cinnamon flavour, with bits of banana, chunks of pineapple, and lots of nuts adding texture and bite. Three layers of cake with cream cheese icing in between, no icing on the outside, and generously sprinkled with nuts and banana chips on top.


* The design of this cake has been limited to the available options and no other alterations can be made.
For any add-ons, please see the cake accessory options below.

Approximate dimensions: 18cm x 18cm x 14cm
Serves: 10 Slices

Final product may vary from example in photo.



This cake got us humming 🙂

I ordered this cake for my friends engagement party after tasting it at my gran’s birthday celebration and being bowled over. My friend is a lover of fruit in cake and all sorts of things ‘natural’. There is nothing natural about how good this cake tastes, though! The ‘engagement party’ ended up turning into an actual impromptu wedding :D. The hummingbird creation held up well to being promoted to wedding cake – we added a rose gold heart topper and some floral decorations of our own. The sponge is beautifully moist and decadently laden with nuts. The flavours of cinnamon, banana and pineapple are reminiscent of an island cocktail with a tangy, creamy topping (the cream cheese frosting). This cake certainly added to a very memorable day. Thanks Velvet Cake Company on a job well done!

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