Six layers of rainbow coloured buttermilk cake, beautifully stacked with cream cheese icing in between and on top. Finished with a rustic smear of cream cheese icing outside and rainbow sweeties on top. Transform your cake into a piñata cake by filling the centre with a sweet surprise.



* The design of this cake has been limited to the available options and no other alterations can be made.
For any add-ons, please see the cake accessory options below.

Approximate dimensions: 17cm x 17cm (diameter) x 16cm (height)
Serves: 10 Slices

Final product may vary from example in photo.

To order this cake completely covered in our famous cream cheese icing, please see our Cream Cheese Rainbow.
To order this cake covered in fluffy meringue, please see our Meringue Rainbow.
This cake is also available with a chocolate drip, see our Rainbow Drip.
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Centre of Joy and Happiness

My son’s second rainbow cake experience… The second was like a fairytale… Layers of joy, the different colours of this rainbow take you to happy moments. Moments where you can only dream of… bursting with flavour! Then you see it… You feel the crunchy, chewy bits of joy as you take a bite of the “Pinata centre” It was magical! *Full of smiles*

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Every birthday needs a rainbow 🌈

I stumbled across the velvet cake company a few moons ago when visiting a baby shop to buy Nappies near your Bella Rosa store. Who would of though that the unenviable task of nappy shopping would lead to such a sweet discovery?? Since then I have ordered cakes for all 3 of my kids birthdays every year! (and I have the pics of wide eyed kids, mouths salivating to prove it). We have dabbled in a few different types but this remains the favorite! No matter how many times we order it, the kids surround me like a 🐝 to a honey jar when I enter the house, my big cake box in hand. Clapping hands, oohs and aahs and plenty of wows follow and that’s only with small peeps in the corner of the lid. Next ensues an argument about who gets to have the biggest slice followed by the inevitable how much longer till we can cut the 🎂 questions. Eventually when all is said and done we find ourselves in a sweet stupor with repeated mutterings of this is the best cake ever and arguments about which layer is the tastiest. With promises of leftover cake for breakfast, the kids get hurried to bed so that mom can sneak a late night visit to the fridge to gobble a few mouthfuls in peace. Now only if there was someone to make me a cup of tea!! PS If like me you struggle to parallel park and you worry about collecting your order in the CBD because of that then you in luck caus the delivery service is awesome! Just remember to order an extra cupcake or two to energize you before the party starts!

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Cake in my face

This is by far the BEST cake I have ever tasted! Most of the times cakes that LOOK delicious isn’t very yummy, but Velvet Cake Co.’s cakes looked good and tasted delicious! If I ever want to eat cake again I will not think twice to go to Velvet Cake Co for these lovelies. They are more than divine.

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This is the first cake of yours I tried. My favourite because of the pretty colours and the amazing cream cheese icing. Lovvvve it!

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A taste of heaven

I have been getting this cake for my birthday for the last 4 years. The reason why is because the sponge is super moist, not just this cake but all their cakes are. I prefer the naked rainbow compared to the coated buttercream rainbow as it is the perfect amount of sweetness whilst not being too sweet as i find latter cake. Even if you are not a sweet tooth you will love it and keep coming back for more. The colours are also super vibrant. Highly recommend

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Before tasting your Rainbow cake, I never thought I would put my mouth on a cake with colours. Now you guys make me look like mom of the year to my kids. We adore this cake – absolutely stunning!

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Best cake ever!

This is my favourite cake ever – I literally have a craving for it every day! #thecravinghasspoken

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Frosting lover

My favourite number one cake to order for very short noticed birthday parties. I love baking cakes myself but don’t always have time and this one is a winner always! Best frosting ever and bright lovely colours!

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My best dream cake ever

Rainbow cake is my absolute favorite. I’ve wanted to order one for every single birthday. Just the best ever

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